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Wolf PNG and Clipart Transparent stock images free

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The wolf can be found in different habitats all over the world, but they are most commonly found in the United States, Canada and the Arctic Russia. Wolves are popular in forests, but they can also live in grasslands, deserts, the arctic, and mountains. Most wolves today are found in the frozen tundras in Canada and Alaska, where there aren’t many people or animals to bother them.

The wolf is the largest member of the Canidae family and is a social animal which hunts and lives in a pack of between 2 and 30 wolves. They are the ultimate hunting predator and top of the food chain. The only threat to the wolf is human hunters. Read the fact file below for more information on this endangered species. For more information on this social animal read the fact file below or download our comprehensive worksheet pack to utilise within the classroom or home environment.

Front-View-png_wolf_hd-imag Gray wolf png by pngimagesfee.com
 black wolf on rock PNG Front View png wolf hd image Gray wolf png by pngimagesfee.com
Gray Wolf face Transparent image howling wolf silhouette Transparent PNG Howling wolf PNG HD image
Howling Wolf Clipart free fornt looking wolf png Jumping Wolf free PNG by pngimagesfree com
pictures of wolves in the wild
Looking timber wolf png Pack of wolves Transparent picture wolf clipart face
wolf_cut_out_Transparent wolf_png_front-look
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