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Mars is Earth's neighbor, and the fourth planet in the solar system. Mars is red, mainly because it is rusty! The soil in Mars contains a lot of iron. The air on Mars has reacted with this iron and has turned it red, just as iron rusts on Earth. Being the fourth planet in the solar system. Mars has an average distance of about 227.9 million km from the sun. Mars is in many ways, similar to Earth. It has volcanoes, canyons, mountains, deserts and ice caps. The atmosphere of Mars is very thin. It is composed mainly of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and argon. Mars is a cold planet because the thin atmosphere does not trap heat there. The biggest volcano in the entire solar system is found on Mars. Olympus Mons, with 26 kilometers of height, is three times higher than Mount Everest.

Curious Fact: The Sun looks about half its size when viewed from Mars than it does from Earth.


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Mars Planet PNG
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Planet Mars PNG
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