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Sports, Miscellaneous, ATM, Books and Stationary, Children Shopping, Outdoors, Specialty Stores, Department Store, Fashion Lingerie, Footwear, Foodcourt, Movies, Fashion and Accessories, Cafe Coffee Day, Gold and Jewellery, Health and Beauty & Events

Constructed over 1,70,000 square feet ? Wheelchair Accessible ? Latest fashion accessories available & they also provide discount often ? Popular brand showrooms are available over 300 brands across categories

CENTRAL MALL Patna Central is a showcase, seamless mall and the first of its kind in Patna. The thought behind this pioneering concept was to give customers an unobstructed, pure shopping experience by ensuring the best brands in the Indian market are available to the discerning Indian customer.
Central offers everything to the urban aspirational shopper. Located in the heart of the city, Central believes its customers should not travel long distances to reach us. Instead, we must be present in popular customer destinations.