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flower Lotus value in Hinduism. Flower having many roles to play, both in creation and in awakening.The flower is associated with Vishnu, who following tender care as he slept from Lakshmi, was awakened by the creation sound Om. Then follows a Lotus flower blossoming from the naval of Vishnu. A top the Lotus was Brahma, who upon Vishnu’s command created the world. All of the gods and goddesses of Hinduism are associated with a pink Lotus flower, as this is considered to be the most divine and is only awarded to those of the highest standing.
Blue-lotus-png Flower_lotus Lotus_bud_png.png
Blue lotus png Flower lotus png Lotus bud png
Lotus_Flower_Clipart.png Lotus_flower_png_free Lotus_for_logo
Beautiful Lotus Flower Clipart png Lotus flower png free png Lotus for logo
Lotus_png_big-size Lotus/Lotus_bloem_joy.png
Lotus png big size Lotus bloem 3 Lotus joy Lotus bud png photo
Lotus-flower-in_water_bloss lotus-flower-with-steam
Lotus flower in water bloss pink lotus png flower lotus flower with steam
PNG_Lotus_Bud_Clipart png_Lotus_image RED_Lotus_png_flower
PNG Lotus Bud Clipart png Lotus image RED Lotus png flower
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