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Amazing facts about Parrot

There are around 353 different species of these lovely, brightly feathered birds in the world.
On average, small pet parrots like budgies live about 10 years. Very large pet parrots can live 80 years or even more!
Grey parrots are also called “jakos” or African Greys
In many species of parrots, the males and females are identical – blood tests need to be done to tell them apart.
African grey parrots, parakeets, Amazon parrots and macaws are the best at imitating sounds. One African grey parrot named Alex was able to speak more than a hundred words and what’s more impressive is that he was able to understand those words.
Keas are large, intelligent parrots that live in alpine areas of New Zealand’s South Island. They are the world’s only alpine parrot and are known for their curious and sometimes cheeky behaviour near ski fields where they like to investigate bags, steal small items and damage cars.
The flag of Dominica features the sisserou parrot.
The heaviest parrot in the world is the Kakapoo – also known as the Night Parrot of Owl Parrot


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